Professional Oxy-hydrogen technology for the automotive trade.

The fast, simple and effective way to treat your engine without dismantling using the power of hydrogen & oxygen.

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About Us

Quality, experience and customer care

Carbon Clean Systems is a UK based company with several years experience of supplying high quality HHO products to the UK market.  Our carbon cleaning machines use pure hydrogen and oxygen generated from water and are designed for easy vehicle maintenance without the need for engine dismantling. For reliability the carbon clean machines are manufactured in the EU by our experienced manufacturer. Each system is CE certified and comes with the backing of our technical support and a 2 year warranty. 

We understand that after sales support is crucial and we go the extra mile to give our customers the level of service they need.

HHO Carbon Cleaning - An Exciting Business Opportunity

With all the furore in the media about diesel emissions and respiratory disease, and with the UK Government failing to meet EU air quality targets there has never been a better time to enter the carbon cleaning market. 

Local councils, taxi firms, bus companies & fleet operators are all seeking ways to reduce emissions & improve fuel economy in order to simultaneously increase their green credentials and to reduce overheads. A growing number of automotive professionals such as mobile car mechanics and vehicle testing stations are realising the massive potential of this business opportunity and entering it now to benefit from the rapid market growth.

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How does it work?

In the past, the removal of carbon deposits from engine components formed part of a vehicle maintenance schedule and required time-consuming procedures or expensive equipment and chemicals.  "HHO" technology changes this. In our systems an electric current is used to split water by electrolysis, into its components; pure hydrogen and oxygen gases or "oxy-hydrogen". This gas mixture is now commonly referred to as HHO.  With the engine idling, HHO is simply fed into the combustion chamber via the air intake where it burns, along with the fuel, to reform water vapour. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen enrichment create conditions for carbon to be gently burned off from piston crowns, valves and other components to form carbon dioxide and water vapour. In addition, the water vapour that is formed cannot condense due to the high temperature so It effectively steam cleans the combustion chamber and associated components from the inside without any dismantling  For a car engine the process is complete in just 30-60 minutes.  

The process only requires a low voltage so it makes it easy for mobile car mechanics to run the system off the vehicle's battery, A mains powered version for workshop use is also available. 

The benefits of reducing carbon deposits in an engine are well recognised in the automotive trade and include

  • Engine runs smoother & quieter than before.
  • Restores fuel economy and power lost through obstructed gas flow

It should be noted that the extent of carbon build up varies from one vehicle to another. Diesels doing a lot of short journeys or high mileage tend to have high levels of build up and in non dpf vehicles the soot can be seen coming out of the exhaust (see video) whereas petrol and LPG tend to have less. 

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