Enquiries & Hydrogen HHO engine cleaning FAQs

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Trade Discounts for Multiple System Orders

Trade Discounts for Multiple System Orders

Based customer feedback we constantly review and improve our product range. Watch this space or send us your enquiry now to be kept up to date on the latest developments.

Trade Discounts for Multiple System Orders

Trade Discounts for Multiple System Orders

Trade Discounts for Multiple System Orders

If you are planning to set up a franchise business or simply expanding your own engine carbon cleaning operations then for multiple system orders we can offer trade discounts.  Please contact us outlining your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trade Discounts for Multiple System Orders

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Besides the engine carbon cleaning unit what else do I need?

A. You will need a supply of deionised water, some potassium hydroxide electrolyte and we also recommend buying a good quality OBD scan tool (with DPF functions) so you can check the vehicle and notify the customer of any faults before you start the cleaning process. You will also need a small funnel and digital scales to weigh out the electrolyte. Kitchen scales are fine.

Q. How long does it take to clean the engines?

A. Under each listing you will find specifications and approximate cleaning times. There is also a comparison table in the accompanying images so you can compare models.

Q. How long is the warranty for and how long do the HHO cells last?

A. The manufacturer's warranty is for 2 years.  The cells are expected to last up to 3 years. Over a period of time the seals will harden through a process known as "hydrogen embrittlement" and will require renewal or cell replacement.  By this time the system will have paid for itself many times over.  

Q How much electrolyte do I need?

A. We use 20 grams of potassium hydroxide (KOH) per litre of deionised water for the first fill. Thereafter you mostly top up with deeionised water.  A 5 or 10Kg containerof KOH is recommended and can be bought off suppliers on eBay etc. Make sure you buy it in a tub with an air tight lid  as it absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide from the air.

Q. Can I use tap water or bottled drinking water?

A. No.  Tap water contains minerals which  can fur up the plates in the same way as hard water furs up a kettle or iron. You must use dejonised or distilled water which  can be bought in 20 litre  containers from CostCo, Andrew Page etc.

Q. Do you provide operating instructions?

A. Yes we send our customers a pdf file showing how to set up and operate the system although ti is actually very easy.

Q. How much do people charge for an engine carbon clean?

A. Obviously prices vary but as a rough guideline motorbikes and small cars £50-65, cars up to 2L IRO £65-100

For larger engines vans and trucks prices range up to £250